OSPFv3 with Address Family Verification

OSPFv3 with Address Family Verification

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There are three different verifications to be done with OSPF depending on if they were done with OSPFv2, traditional OSPFv3, and OPSFv3 with Address Families. I will only cover the checks for OSPFv3 with address families here as the other two options are easy to determine. The OSPFv3 has some quirks that make verification a little challenging.

The first would be to verify that status of OSPF interfaces. For OSPFv3 with Address families the command is:

show ospfv3 interface


show ospfv3 interface brief

The next verification would be to verify the state of neighbors.

show ospfv3 neighbors

To look at routes is probably one of the most trickiest of them as you actually need to use two different commands for this with OSPFv3 with Address Families.

To show the IPv4 Route learned via OSPFv3 the command is show ip route ospfv3 . This will NOT show the IPv6 Routes learned via OSPFv3. To view the IPv6 learned via OSPFv3 you MUST use show ipv6 route ospf.

Finally to show the databases you must use show ospfv3 database which will show both the address ipv4 and address ipv6 database information.

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