Narbik’s Lab books

Narbik’s Lab books

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I am about 2 years into the CCIE journey and wanted to give some feedback and/or recommendations on labs. Specifically Micronics Training (aka Narbik’s). Up to this point I have done the INE labs, 360 Labs, Khawar Butt’s Labs, and Narbik’s Labs. I will put the links at the bottom of this blog.

You can purchase Narbik’s labs either individually, as a bundle, or as part of the Boot camp. Narbik’s boot camp was amazing and I will probably do another free reseat at some point. If however, you cannot afford the travel and boot camp fee, the value for his work books is phenomenal.

I have taken the hands on test once and what i can say is that no single bootcamp or set of labs would completely get you 100% ready for the lab.

Narbiks are the highest quality I have used. He provides samples on his page so you can also download that to check them out.

There is another vendor I have yet to use. Jaziri Traing. I cannot compare to those as I have not seen them, but I have heard good things from fellow Router Gods Members.

One of the most frustrating things for me starting off was trying to understand what the INE labs were telling me at times. Along with the spelling and technical errors. A lot of these labs are years old and even though some of us have provided feedback, INE has not updated or fixed the issues. Reading through the solutions multiple times still leaves me perplexed at times at what they were trying to say. I would still recommend doing them as the greater exposure to various wordings and solutions, the more prepared you will be for the exam.

This is not an issue with Narbik’s labs. He does the best job of anyone I have seen when it comes to explaining what the lab is trying to show you. He also takes a lot of pride in his work and makes sure he is putting out correct information and a quality product.

Below are the links to the various Training/lab Vendors. These might change over time so you would need to just google them. I will try to put the name to search for. These are in no particular order.

Narbik aka Micronics Training

UPDATE 3/31/2020 – Narbik no longer sells his work books separately.  I would still recommend his bootcamp for those workbooks if nothing else. 

Personally I would recommend doing Narbik’s boot camp if you can afford it, that gives you access to his lab books AND the boot camp. At this time he was still allowing free reseats if there is a spot available.


INE CCIE Routing and Switching Workbook $299.99 at the time of this blog

Khawar Butt

Khawar Butt – I believe he might only provide the workbooks as part of his boot camp, but you can reach out to see. His boot camps are excellent as well and I would recommend completing Khawar’s boot camp before going to Narbik’s Boot camp. I wish I had done Khawar’s boot camp first.

Cisco Learning Network/Expert Level Training/ 360 Labs

Cisco 360 Labs – These have been renamed and the links change all the time. They are usually known by their # such as CA-20. I have not done all of these, some of them are pretty old. These are the closest thing to the lab that I have done. I would recommend taking these AFTER Narbik’s and before taking the exam. I would recommend googling or searching around for these. Usually you buy them in sets. Also, Narbik can sell you them as well. When i did Narbik’s Boot Camp he provided some of these as part of the boot camp, but check to make sure. One part about these labs I really like is the graded labs.


Jazari’s Labs – I have not done these but I heard these are large scale and amazing. He does a boot camp as well. I plan to do either his lab or maybe both the lab and the bootcamp at some point.

*Update 3/27/2023 Jazari’s page is no longer available. Not sure if he is still providing labs or not.


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