Best IPv6 Book I have read so far!

Best IPv6 Book I have read so far!

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I recently discovered this book and I cannot recommend it enough. The author work was enjoyable to read. It is also pretty up to date. A lot of the older books have some technologies and standards that have been deprecated. Such as Site Local Addressing. This 2nd Edition was published in 2017. If you are studying for CCIE R&S v5 I think its a great one to cover the IPv6 topics.

Title is IPv6 Fundamentals

Author Rick Graziani

ISBN-13 978-1-58714-477-6

2 Replies to “Best IPv6 Book I have read so far!”

  1. INE Recommendation: ‘IPv6 Theory, Protocol, and Practice’ and ‘Implementing Cisco IPv6 Networks’.But am sure its lot of the same information… 😛

  2. There are a few differences between the three books. I would say a good 60-70% of the content is the same. This book is a lot newer and some of the standards have changed with IPv6. Such as Site Local being Deprecated. I also personally felt that Rick’s writing style is a lot more enjoyable personally. Results may vary. Above everything else though, the fact that it is newer means its the most up to date. It would not hurt reading the ones on INE’s site but I would highly recommend this one unless you are fluent and competent in IPv6. The one topic barely covered in any of the three books is FHRP’s in IPv6. So make sure you lab that up.

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