Voting 2018!

Voting 2018!

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It’s time to Register and Vote!  If you have not registered there are tons of resources these days.  I am actually going to do an absentee ballot so that I do not have to wait in line at the polling location.  Luckily in my State, I was able to submit all this electronically.  I did have to print out a form and scan and email it in.  Waiting for the ballot to come in the mail.  I hope one day we can vote online as well.

The Vlog brothers created a whole Youtube channel just for knowing how to vote in your state and if you are unsure how to do so in your state just go here:

As far as research I use multiple sites and searches.  If you know of any really good sites to help you research please post below.

I usually start googling things like “(First Name) (Last Name) Scam”

I usually start googling things like “(First Name) (Last Name) Fraud”

For me, this is the top concern.  For you, it might be a different issue.  I personally think Greed and Corruption are something we need to try to minimize and weed out.  If someone is involved in Scams or Fraud then I would prefer they not hold a political position.

You can also typically find the users website and check out their “About Me” Section and then look at their Platform/Issues to see what is the most important thing for them.

Additionally, your local papers usually do interviews with the major candidates.  I really like the ones that have a standard set of questions for them.

Another resource is Reddit.  Your State and City might have a site and people will usually be posting anything significant like stories of fraud and such.   Just realize they have a lot of shills out there.

Please leave comments on any tools, sites, or other recommendations you have found to help research candidates.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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