Free resources during the Covid-19 Outbreak

Free resources during the Covid-19 Outbreak

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The following resources are being provided free for entertainment and education during the Covid-19 epidemic.  Feel free to share!


Temporary Free Python Course on Udemy!!!!

Plural Site Free in April

Battlestar Galatica Seasons 1-4

Association for Computer Machinery

Access to ACM’s Digital Library is free during this time period until June 30,2020.

Zoom – Online Meeting

Zoom has some free services.  Realize there are a ton of security flaws with this app.  But hey its free!

WebEx Meetings – Professional Online Meetings

Cisco Webex is offering a free period to help companies and organizations with online conferencing.  I use this daily and think its an awesome service.

Amazon Audible for Kids

Amazon is offering some free children’s books on audible during the time period since schools are not in session.

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