VRF and Telnet or SSH

VRF and Telnet or SSH

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These commands is totally not intuitive but it is very important if you have one or more VRF’s and must telnet or SSH across it.  You can find much more information here:


Cisco does change their paths so just search for “Cisco Telnet VRF”.

Here is a discussion at the CLN.

The command for telnet looks like this

telnet /vrf MGMT
Where: is the IP you are connecting to.
/vrf is a switch that is required for using telnet across VRF's  
MGMT is the VRF you are wanting to use for the telnet session.
The format is 
Switch# telnet <ip-address>/vrf vrf-name

For SSH it would be
ssh -l user -vrf MGMT
In the format of:
ssh -l <username> -vrf <vrf-name> <ip-host>

Information on the SSH part here.

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