Rocketbook Review

Rocketbook Review

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Review of Rocketbook Notebook

I recently came across the Rocketbook and it sounded like a pretty interesting concept.  This product started as a kickstarter.  I purchased it and have been using it for a few weeks now and I thought I would do a quick review.


Top of mind

It’s a pretty small and relatively lightweight notebook.  I like the idea of minimize the use of paper which is helping the environment.  I also prefer writing notes by and as this has been proven to help the brain remember things.  If you haven’t checked out the “Learning How to Learn” series I highly recommend it.  The erasable Frixon ink is also quite useful.  Although there are some big tips and tricks to use to know about.  I will probably do a YouTube review in the near future as well.  The app they use is actually free which is awesome.  The company even provides templates you can print out on regular paper to see how you like the process.  After they came out with the product they added the capability to do OCR.  Now this isn’t perfect by any means.  And I think a lot of people probably do not write in print so that would be troublesome.  Still, its free to use!  It allows you to send the screenshots to multiple online accounts such as Evernote, Onedrive, Google drive, slack, and even email.  Each of these actually have different scanning options.  After testing out all the options I decided to go with the google drive solution.  I use the option that lets me bundle the pages together in done google document and does OCR transcription which is pretty awesome.  Some people might prefer some of the other options so I recommend trying all of them.  This also works with any Frixon pen like these, so if you really like it, you can purchase as many types and colors as you like.  This might be really great for anyone that likes to draw.


  1.  It’s small and easy to carry around.
  2. The application is pretty quick and relatively intuitive to use.
  3. Semi working OCR
  4. The Ability to bundle pages (not available to all destinations and formats.
  5. Includes a Pen and cloth to wipe and clean the pages.



  1. The eraser has to be used pretty quickly if a mistake is made.
  2. If you try to erase after a bit with water it can be super difficult to wet and wipe a small area.  (Pro Tip I recommend using these “water” pens to clean a small area!).
  3. It is important to wait 15 – 20 seconds before moving your hand over the written areas or turning the pages.  If you are taking a lot of notes this can be a challenge.



Overall I think this product is pretty awesome and for $30 I think its worth trying out.  Check out some of the other reviews online.  If you would like to purchase here is the direct link.  If you do end up liking it I highly recommend purchasing a multi color pen and eraser like this.  I would also very much recommend using water pens like these to wet a small area like a few characters or a word.  I find combining them with the microfiber works pretty well.

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